Welcome to resource wiki! This is a resource page for the community and is being developed in order to share some of the best practices Chaka neMbira is developing, using and researching, as well as facts and interesting information about mbira music. 


A Working Paper on Community Music and Outreach

This paper is being developed to help guide activities and conversation around the community work around mbira music in Edmonton. Feel free to comment and leave ideas and suggestions and contribute to the knowledge pool. Click here for the reference list.

Mbira Websites, Camps and Related Information

 Mbira – Wikipedia Page 

Mbira and Shona Spirituality

The Mbira: Constraint and Mobility in Shona Spirituality – An NGO developed to support mbira music in North America by Erica Azim

Zvembira Blog

The Mbira Centre (Zimbabwe)

Nhemamusasa North Mbira Camp (British Columbia)

Notable Artists

Chiwoniso Maraire 

Mawungira eNharira (Video)

Thomas Mapfumo (Mukanya, the Lion of Zimbabwe)

Hope Masike (Video)

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