Exhibitions and Community Music Projects

1. Mateze Lamps and Design Exhibition by the Mbira Centre (On Display Now)

mateze design logo

Mateze (gourds) (singulare: deze) are amplifiers used by mbira players at various events. This  exhibition encourages the viewer to conceptualize the deze as more than an accessory but an innovation with aesthetic values and a drive afro-inspired aesthetics into lighting everyday life.  Mateze will be made available for rental or purchase. Viewing is by appointment.

2. Mbira Lessons Pilot Project at St. Richards Catholic Elementary, Millwoods (Happening Now)

Funded by the Parent Council at St Richard’s, Chaka neMbira is running a 10 week introductory mbira workshop for an enthusiastic group of Group of Grade 5’s. Students are learning the fundamentals of learning the mbira, how to play it, singing in the Shona language, history of the music and folklore.

3. Spoken Mbira Poetry Competition (June 2014 – July 2014)

The Spoken Mbira Poetry Contest is a collaborative initiative between Chakanembira and the Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa (ICAPA.) The contest aims to encourage the use of mbira music to enhance spoken word performances and promote transcultural interaction between individuals living in Edmonton, Canada and those living in Harare, Zimbabwe. By doing so, we seek to expand the engagement with mbira music beyond the traditional mbira playing communities and increase awareness of the history, the present state and the future of mbira and its role in contemporary society. Please visit http://spokenmbira.wordpress.com/ for more information

4. Mbira Aesthetics Visual Art Exhibition (September 2014)

This is exhibition is exciting and will coincide with Mbira Month 2014! It is a collaborative effort that brings together Chakanembira, local Edmonton artist, Elsa Robinson (www.elsarobinson.com) and Zimbabwe based artist Zandile Masuku and will inspire the audience interact with mbira through it’s visual interpretation.












Currently on Exhibition: Mateze Lamps Design by the Mbira Centre

mateze design logo

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