Contemporary Art


My work is an explosion of color, using both sophisticated and primitive forms of mark making. Most of my portraits are female characters, layered with emotion and vividness Much of my inspiration builds on the everyday images that media bombards me with. Thus I become a producer, recycling images in a world filled with the consumption of images that only last a moment before they are no longer useful. I lean towards  identities and themes about Africans and the African diaspora. I believe that the African can now play an active role in defining his/her story. In addition, I hope my work participates in a wider conversation concerning the post colonial production of art by Africans.

A self taught artist born and raised in Zimbabwe, I am constantly learning and experimenting. I live, work and play in the city of Edmonton, in western Canada. Among other forms of recognition, I am the recipient of the 2014 Edmonton Arts Council Cultural Diversity in the Arts Award , the 2015 Edmonton Mennonite Center for Newcomers Arts and Culture Award. My work has been features on Shaw Cable, Breakfast Television and CKUA.

Faces and Color Series 2015 (In Progress)

Black History Month 2015

2014 Selected Work

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