Chaka nembira Studio

 Created and run by Chaka Zinyemba, this studio is the only space of it’s kind in Alberta that is dedicated to mbira and community mbira music. Chaka performs with the band Mbira Renaissance and is a recipient of the Edmonton Arts Council Cultural Diversity in the Arts Award  as well as a current Artist in Residence for the Spiritual Arts Collective at the Robertson Wesley United Church (Click for more information.)

With the aim of supporting the arts and cultural industry in diverse ways,starting in Edmonton, the studio housed as part of PageMaster Publications’ Art Stream Project in Edmonton, Canada and is located at 11340 120 st.

Facebook Link (Click here)

diveristy day_CN Rail

Events Chaka has played at include:

Canadian Railways Cultural Diversity in the Arts day

Council of Canadians of Caribbean and African Heritage Afroquiz fundraiser at the Art Gallery of Alberta

2013 Heritage Festival

Private shows

Weddings etc.

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